It was a beach day for this large alligator.

Kyle Hussey was on Melbourne Beach the morning of Oct. 14 when he spotted an animal that isn’t usually found on the beach, an alligator.

According to Hussey, the reptile was first seen swimming down the beach before coming on shore.

Hussey said the gator looked like it was taking a much-needed break from swimming when he witnessed it resting for about 10 minutes on the shore.

Once the rest break was over, Hussey said the alligator headed back into the water.

According to NOAA, alligators can tolerate salt water for a few hours or even days, but they are primarily freshwater animals and prefer living in swampy areas, like rivers, streams, lakes and ponds.

Hussey said a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officer saw the gator on the beach and reported it to authorities.

It’s not known what happened after that, as Hussey said the alligator left the area.