has published a new interview with Scorpions members Rudolf Schenker, Klaus Meine and Pawel Maciwoda. An excerpt follows: The song that opens Rock Believer is “Gas In The Tank”. How much more gas is there in the Scorpions’ tank?

Pawel Maciwoda: “I have to tell you that the boys are much older than me, but they have lots of gas in the tank. I have to really work hard to keep up with it. So it’s a great challenge. Absolutely!”

Klaus Meine: “I mean, we played almost 30 shows now this year after two years break because of the pandemic. And I think there’s still a lot of gas in the tank. When you imagine that we went through the shows, we did in the US and all over Europe and all, it looks like there’s plenty of gas in the tank. Feels good.” You’ve released several good albums in a row. What is your secret to achieve that?

Klaus Meine: “You just follow your heart. You try to write a song that hopefully has the DNA of the Scorpions. That’s what we tried to achieve. And with Rock Believer I think it worked out very well.”

Pawel Maciwoda: “Well, we are all serious musicians and we do care about all the details. You know, that the good quality of music is within the details. When it comes to your sound, when it comes to your amplification, production and all this. So, from a technical point of view, it’s fun, but it’s also transferring the message through the lyrics. So, since the instrumental music connects with the lyrics… That’s what makes powerful songs. And Scorpions are masters of it. That’s why it’s a pleasure. And we are so creative, you know, like Alice mentioned, we never stop. We haven’t written our best song yet, so that’s what keeps us going. When it comes to the organic feeling of creation, it’s kind of the same. Look at AC/DC. Their songs didn’t change it’s the same all the time, the same with the Scorpions. It’s just evolving with a different configuration and different guitars maybe, or whatever. But the essence is the same and the core stays the same, which is great.”

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