In a new interview with Guitar World, guitarist Warren DeMartini says “it was pretty easy to mesh with Robbin Crosby” when he first joined Ratt.

When asked if he and Crosby hit if off right away when DeMartini joined Ratt he said, “Oh yeah. I was friends with Robbin before he knew any of those guys. He and I went to the same junior high school – not at the same time, but we lived in the same area. I was interested in the guitar, and he was already in a band that played all the time. So when I first got into the guitar, he was out of high school and living the life. His band played covers, but they did some originals, too.”

On the subject of it took a while for the both of them to mesh as guitarists DeMartini replied, “It was pretty easy, actually. I got turned onto a lot of cool stuff because of him – he always knew the stuff that wasn’t being played on the radio. Playlists in San Diego at that time could be on the conservative side, but Robbin was listening to Pat Travers, Scorpions with Uli Roth, UFO – and way before they got on the air. We had a great time listening to that stuff together.”